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gutter coverThe Solution® is an effective solution to gutter problems at an affordable price.  Besides protecting you from the dirty and dangerous job of climbing a ladder to clean out your gutters at least twice a year, year after year, The Solution™ protects your property by eliminating clogged gutters.  And all this protection is enhanced by the value that The Solution adds to your home.  The Solution has been independently tested and certified to handle almost any amount of rain that Mother Nature can throw at it and since it installs over your existing gutters, it actually strengthens your gutter system.  It’s low profile design makes it virtually invisible from the ground, enhancing your home’s curb appeal, all while protecting your home from the potential damage that overflowing gutters can cause.  Birds and pests can’t make their home in your gutters and with no gutter overflow, it helps to protect against harmful mold, mildew and rot. 

the solutionThe Solution™ comes is 6 standard colors: white, light gray, light bronze, royal brown, black and charcoal.  You pick the color that most closely matches your roof instead of having to settle with one color - silver aluminum.  And The Solution™ is installed without any unsightly brackets or hangers.  The Versatile Solution™, a variation of The Solution™ also comes in the same 6 standard colors and has the same performance results as the original.  And don’t be misled by other company’s scare tactics that you could void your shingle warranty with gutter protection.   Two of the nation’s largest shingle manufacturers say that’s just not true.  Ask yourself this question - when the wind picks up, which gutter protection would I rather have on my home?  One that just sits on your gutter or snaps into place, or one that is securely fastened to the gutter system?