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Seamless Gutters

Do I Need Rain Gutters?

Yes. Rain gutters prevent water from destroying many components of your home. Dripping rainwater can cause cracks in foundations & walkways. These cracks lead to costly repairs. The rainwater rots all the lower wood components on your home. This wet, rotting wood attracts termites & carpenter ants, which need damp conditions to reproduce and thrive. Rain gutters also protect entrances from becoming wet and slippery.

What Are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters are custom fitted, one-piece gutters manufactured at your home. They are far superior to sectional plastic or aluminum gutters bought at the home improvement store. Seamless gutters do not have in-line seams, which always fail.
Seamless gutters are made from aluminum, copper, or steel and will last for years.

Do Seamless Gutters Cause Ice Dams?

No, seamless gutters do not cause ice dams. Lots of money has been spent trying to solve the ice dam problem. All the current data indicates that ice dams are caused by heat loss and weather patterns. Many homes without gutters encounter ice dam problems worse than homes with gutters.

Do Seamless Gutters Help With Wet Basements?

Yes. They direct all the rainwater from the roof away from your foundation reducing the amount of water that may collect around & penetrate the foundation.

How Are Seamless Gutters Supported?

Gutters are supported by two key components, the screw and the hanger. This combination is the key factor in the longevity of your gutter system. Because they are a blind item to the buyer most over look the importance. Most gutter companies use the cheapest available bracket and screw they can find putting more money into their pockets. All divisions of the Gutters & More Companies use Lynch’s Brute bracket and stainless steel installation screws, the strongest in the industry. Any other combination is second best, accept nothing else.

How Do I Maintain My Seamless Rain Gutter System?

The only maintenance required is cleaning. Rain gutters need to be properly cleaned & flushed regularly (Minimum of twice per year for most homes). This cleaning maintenance allows the rain gutters to flow properly without obstruction. The only way to mitigate this maintenance is to cover the gutters.

Are My New Rain Gutters Guaranteed?

We guarantee all aspects of our workmanship for a minimum of 2 years along with the manufacturers registered warranty. Please see the Lynch Aluminum Warranty for details.

Can I Get A Price Over The Phone?

Sorry, all of our products require a visual inspection of the project. As a group of companies, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We don’t always get it, but we have learned that it doesn’t start with a guess over the telephone. All estimates are free with no obligation required. Please See Ethics & Mission.

Leaf Terminator

What Is Leaf Terminator?

Leaf Terminator is a 3rd generation leaf protection product specifically designed for needled trees, unique roof applications, and extremely steep pitched roofs.

How Does It Work?

Leaf Terminator, unlike its sister product Gutter Topper which relies on surface tension to catch the water, acts as a filter for your gutters. It is an aluminum cover, not a screen. Its installation versatility allows many applications to be addressed that previously could not be in the past.

What Happens When It Rains Hard?

Typically, the harder it rains the better it works. Tested in simulated rains of 40" of rain per hour, which far exceeds any previously recorded rainfall. It is important to remember that no leaf protection will catch every drop of water. Leaf Terminator will catch 95+ % of the water and is warranted to keep your gutters free-flowing the entire time of the storm.

What Happens In The Winter?

Under certain conditions, you will notice more ice on the top of your roof than before. This is a good thing. The weight of the ice is now supported by your roof, fascia board, and your gutters. Therefore, the installation of Leaf Terminator relieves much of the stress which causes gutters to pull away resulting in ice daming and water damage.

Icicles are formed by heat loss, lack of proper ventilation, and weather conditions, not by having Leaf Terminator installed.

What Color Do I Choose?

There are (5) Colors to choose from. Color can be matched to your shingle or your gutter.

How Will Installing Leaf Terminator Change the Appearance of My Home?

Because of the extremely low profile of Leaf Terminator, it is much less noticeable than many competitive products. Leaf Terminator enhances the beauty of your home.

Is My Leaf Terminator Guaranteed?

Leaf Terminator features a 20 year material warranty, a lifetime transferable performance warranty, as well as a (2) year replacement/refund warranty from Good Housekeeping. Tested To Be The Best.

Gutter Topper

What Makes It Work?

Surface Tension. Much like pouring water out of a pitcher, the water follows the curvature of the Gutter Topper, while leaves and debris fall to the ground.

What Happens When It Rains Hard?

Gutter Topper has been tested in simulated rains of 22” per hour, much harder than it’s ever rained before. Gutter Topper is not guaranteed to catch every drop of water, but to keep your gutters free – flowing the entire time of the storm

What Happens In The Winter?

Under certain conditions you will notice more ice on the top of your roof than before. This is a good thing. The weight of the ice is now supported by your roof, not just your gutters preventing your gutters from pulling away from your house creating potential leaks. Icicles are formed by heat loss, lack of ventilation, and weather conditions, not by having Gutter Topper installed.

What Color Do I Choose?

Gutter Topper comes in 13 designer colors plus 16 oz. copper. We suggest that you choose a color that closest matches your shingle colors more so than your gutters.

How Will Installing Gutter Topper Change The Appearance Of My Home?

Hardly at all. In most cases, Gutter Topper enhances your home’s curb appeal. Ask our representatives to show you our photos.

What Happens At The Corners?

Gutter Topper has created a unique recessed diverter piece to assist in catching the concentrated water flow in the valley areas. Should debris be allowed to pile up in the valleys, it may affect how it catch’s the water. In many cases, if accessible rinsing with the garden hose may help to relieve this scenario.

Is My Gutter Topper Guaranteed?

Absolutely, Gutter Topper is backed by a transferable life-time performance warranty, a (20) year material warranty, and features the Good Housekeeping Seal. (Please refer to the warranty section of the web-site for more details.)